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Jorge Ramos 04/20/2015 Ten sheriffs–many of them from border states Nebraska and Kansas–are suing to end marijuana legalization in Colorado, stating that unwelcome weed is flooding their borders and clogging their jails.
4 min 20 sec ago
AP 04/20/2015 DENVER – Colorado lawmakers advanced a measure that would make it a felony to use explosive gases to make hash oil at home.
5 min 18 sec ago
Sarah Kuta 04/20/2015 There was a collective exhale on the University of Colorado's campus as the clock struck 4:20 on Monday afternoon, but it was campus administrators breathing a sigh of relief, not revelers celebrating the marijuana-linked holiday.
6 min 23 sec ago
Cathy Hernandez, Greg Nieto, 04/20/2015 DENVER - The unofficial 4/20 marijuana holiday is Monday, but festivities were in full swing in the Mile High City on Sunday. Thousands of people filled the annual 4/20 celebration at Civic Center Park on Sunday with more expected Monday — April 20.
7 min 36 sec ago
Sarah Jane Kyle 04/22/2015 A Fort Collins nonprofit is proposing an ordinance that would fine party hosts for underage drinking — even if they didn't provide the booze.
8 min 30 sec ago
Kelly Ragan 04/20/2015 GARDEN CITY - Burgers sizzled, pizza baked and wings fried as disc jockeys mixed funky beats between Patron’s bar and Nature’s Herbs and Wellness Center in Garden City to celebrate 4/20.
9 min 3 sec ago
Noelle Phillips 04/20/2015 Two members-only clubs in Denver were raided over the weekend, and 10 people have been cited on marijuana-related charges. Denver police conducted an operation Friday night at POTUS Club on West Alameda Avenue and executed a search warrant there on Saturday, said Raquel Lopez, a police department spokeswoman.
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04/20/2015 WESTMINSTER, – The North Metro Drug Task Force is making sure children know that there are dangers associated with marijuana, and used the unofficial pot holiday of 4/20 to deliver the message.
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Anthony Cotton 04/20/2015 While the crowd at Monday's unofficial 4/20 gathering at Lincoln Park was significantly smaller than the numbers at other events held during the annual celebration of all-things cannabis, it still held a special place for local pot activist Rob Corry.
11 min 50 sec ago
Jason Pohl 04/21/2015 Fort Collins police are investigating whether marijuana use was a factor when a 19-year-old man threw himself out of a third-story window earlier this month.