1 min 49 sec ago
Peter Marcus 07/28/2015 DENVER – State lawmakers are planning legislation for next year that would assist in tracking drivers under the influence of marijuana and other drugged-driving arrests.
2 min 41 sec ago
Christy Steadman 07/28/2015 Jefferson County commissioners have told staff to start drafting an ordinance that would continue the prohibition of retail, cultivation and manufacturing of marijuana in unincorporated parts of the county. The moratorium forbidding all commercial marijuana operations ends Jan. 1.
3 min 59 sec ago
Laura Hancock 07/29/2015 CHEYENNE - A 20-member council met for the first time Wednesday morning to talk about the potential impacts of legalized medical or recreational marijuana in Wyoming.
2 days 1 hour ago
The Gazette editorial 07/28/2015 Rational adults know the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. It stands to reason that anyone driving a vehicle should be clean and sober. But debate continues regarding the dangers of driving under the influence of THC - the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana cigarettes, vaporizers and THC-infused food products.
2 days 23 hours ago
Kristen M. White 07/23/2015 The Pueblo West Metropolitan District is considering a ballot issue this fall that would levy an excise tax on retail marijuana facilities. Directors talked about the potential for the tax at their meeting last week.
2 days 23 hours ago
Ramsey Scott 07/23/2015 The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office has reprimanded six jail deputies after an investigation into the March death of Jennifer Lobato, who died in her cell after waiting hours in vain for medical attention.
3 days 7 sec ago
RACHEL SAPIN 07/23/2015 AURORA - The number of recreational marijuana plants residents can grow in their homes could change under a measure proposed by Aurora police. Under the measure, the city would cap each household at 12 plants, and would allow half of those plants to be flowering at any given time.
4 days 13 hours ago
Megan Schrader 07/25/2015 DENVER - Driving high and driving drunk carry the same charge in Colorado, and that's a problem for those who want to track the impact, if any, of legalized marijuana on the safety of the state's roads and highways.
5 days 11 hours ago
Tobie Baker 07/22/2015 District Court Judge Todd Plewe issued a restraining order on Wednesday to bar the 32nd annual Colorado Invitational Bong-A-Thon marijuana competition from taking place next weekend near Stoner.
6 days 16 hours ago
Beth Potter 07/21/2015 Marijuana manufacturing company ebbu LLC has opened in a 5,000-square-foot space in the Floyd Hill Business Park on the north side of Interstate 70.