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10/18/2014 DENVER - Colorado has seen feisty debates this fall, with candidates in close races for governor, Senate and the U.S. House arguing over abortion rights, energy policy and the death penalty. Just don’t expect any of them to talk much about the biggest news of the year: legal pot.
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10/18/2014 Floyd Anthony Sandoval Jr., 24, has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of John Goggin, 41.
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Nick Gillespie 10/17/2014 Neither of the leading candidates in Colorado's gubernatorial race supports legal pot in their state. The Democratic incumbent, John Hickenlooper, said the 2012 vote that allowed recreational pot was "reckless" (it passed with 55 percent of the vote). His Republican challenger, former congressman Bob Beauprez, says "we are at that point" where it should be recriminalized.
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RUTH HEIDE 10/18/2014 VALLEY - How legalized marijuana will affect Colorado’s children will be something the Colorado Children’s Campaign will be watching in the future.
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Vic Vela Posted 10/17/14 One candidate is the husband of a strip club owner who has been endorsed by Snoop Dogg. Another is a faith-driven ballet dancer.​
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Tony Rayl 10/16/2014 A traffic stop on I-76 early Saturday morning resulted in the seizure of methamphetamine worth nearly $4 million dollars. MCSO Sgt. Shauna Ponce stopped a commercial vehicle for a traffic violation. After receiving consent to search, a quantity of suspected methamphetamine was found.
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Hank Shell 10/16/2014 The Fraser Board of Trustees, absent Trustee Katie Soles, has voted unanimously to license what will be Grand County’s first recreational marijuana dispensary.
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Andy Koen 10/18/2014 TRINIDAD - The City of Trinidad is being sued by a group of business owners for reversing the denial of zoning to a man who applied for a medical marijuana license, even though he plans to do business at the building in question.
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Joanne Ostrow 10/18/2014 TruTV has a series in the works on the Colorado family behind Medicine Man marijuana dispensaries. Working title: "Medicine Man."
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Johnny Green 10/17/2014 In a debate last night between the two major party candidates in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Colorado, there was really only one issue Sen. Mark Udall (D) and Rep. Cory Gardner (R) agreed on: the federal government should get out of the way of the state’s legal cannabis industry.