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Kristen Wyatt, AP 04/24/2014 DENVER - The federal government has reluctantly agreed to let Colorado be the first state to collect taxes from the legal sale of recreational marijuana, but it also has made clear it doesn't agree with the move and may try to stop it, if isn't tightly controlled.
1 hour 20 min ago
04/24/2014 Politicians in Colorado have approved two Bills which seek to place tougher restrictions on edible cannabis sales, amid reports of two deaths linked to edible forms of the drug.
1 hour 24 min ago
Leia Larsen 04/24/2014 TABERNASH - Agritourism is new a way to experience Colorado’s unique heritage, and now a Grand County group is trying to combine it with another of the state’s fascinations – legalized marijuana.
4 hours 8 sec ago
04/24/2014 Late last year, the Colorado Department of Agriculture adopted the first industrial hemp rules in the state's history. Now, a deadline is approaching for those interested in growing the crop this year.
5 hours 47 min ago
David Randall 04/24/2014 DENVER - A company looking to cash in on all the marijuana-smoking visitors that come to tour Colorado is offering visitors a chance to rent a home where they can smoke pot.
6 hours 34 min ago
BRYCE CRAWFORD 04/24/2014 KC Stark's downtown cannabis social club, Studio A64, has won its fight with the city of Colorado Springs, with City Council tonight voting 5 to 3 in support of its continued existence. Council members Andy Pico, Merv Bennett and Don Knight were opposed, while Councilor Jill Gaebler was unable to vote due to missing previous testimony.
7 hours 23 min ago
Mike McKnight 04/24/2014 Three men returning from Colorado stopped by Cass County sheriff’s deputy. A 2011 Chevy Malibu was stopped for speeding on Interstate 80 about 2am on Monday and the deputy smelled marijuana.
7 hours 24 min ago
Andre Senior 04/24/2017 Lithia, FL – Renee Petro is a mother pushing for the legalization of marijuana, so she can treat her son, Brandon, for epilepsy. While vowing to keep campaigning for the passage of the medical marijuana ballot measure in November, she is considering a move to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal.
7 hours 35 min ago
Michael Roberts 04/24/2014 For more than a year, we've been reporting on the subject of pot profiling -- claims that drivers in vehicles with Colorado license plates are regularly being stopped in other states on a variety of shaky pretexts for marijuana searches.
7 hours 51 min ago
Sherrie Peif 04/23/2014 Four Monfort Elementary School fourth-grade boys are being disciplined for buying and selling marijuana on the playground of their school over the past two days. On Monday, a student brought smokable marijuana to school and sold it to three other students, according to John Gates, director of safety and security for Greeley-Evans School District 6.