43 sec ago
Will Grandbois 01/30/2015 Marijuana related arrests were up in 2014 in Garfield County’s two biggest communities, with the majority of citations for underage consumption.
4 min 1 sec ago
Marc Stewart 01/31/2015 CASTLE ROCK - A Castle Rock man said he got an unexpected surprise with his Domino's Pizza delivery order Thursday night, he found a container filled with marijuana.
5 min 14 sec ago
Sharon Dunn 12/06/2014 The bustling oilfield has brought many benefits to the area, but with it comes a bit of the dark side of alcohol, drugs and crime.
15 min ago
01/29/2015 In other action at the Tuesday night meeting: A discussion about the required buffer between parks, schools and daycares from recreational marijuana establishments got heated and a motion to amend the buffer died in a deadlocked vote.
26 min 56 sec ago
Makenzie O'Keefe 01/31/2015 MESA COUNTY - A year has passed since marijuana became legal in the state, and Colorado State Patrol has kept a close eye on impaired drivers in 2014.
28 min 33 sec ago
01/30/2015 In 2014, the Colorado State Patrol saw a new era of impaired driving enter into our state. In an attempt to document the trends, Colonel Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol ordered the specific tracking of marijuana related citations.
29 min 40 sec ago
Chris Frost 01/29/2015 The Prowers County Commissioners discussed in detail what the legal implications would be from a lawsuit about legal marijuana in the state.
37 min 45 sec ago
KRISTEN WYATT, AP, 01/30/2015 DENVER - Welfare money or food stamps for marijuana? It’s an urban legend that won’t go away in Colorado, and state lawmakers this year are poised to pass a law clarifying that public benefit cards can’t be used at dispensary ATMs.
38 min 43 sec ago
01/30/2015 DENVER - New regulations on pot edibles go into effect on Sunday. Those regulations are designed to protect children and warn adults about the potency of marijuana edibles.
9 hours 16 min ago
Jakob Rodgers 01/24/2015 El Paso County welfare recipients suspected of abusing drugs or alcohol soon will be required to enter and comply with a substance abuse treatment plan to keep benefits.