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Jacob Sullum 08/28/2014 High Times, the flagship publication of a cannabis counterculture that is rapidly going mainstream, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.
20 min 16 sec ago
08/29/2014 DENVER - Just like soda machines spit out Coke by the can, automated pot-vending devices may be the future of self-service marijuana purchases. “Why wait 10 minutes in line if you can walk right over?” Stephen Shearin, the president and COO of American Green, said.
24 min 11 sec ago
Erika Stutzman, for the Camera editorial board 08/28/2014 In research dubbed the first of its kind, the Brookings Institution took an in-depth look at the implementation of Colorado's new recreational marijuana law. The findings, though early, were positive enough for opponents and proponents alike to deeply exhale.
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Erika Stutzman, for the Camera editorial board. 08/27/2014 Its intentions were good, but the delivery fell flat. But we shouldn't abandon efforts to educate Colorado youth about marijuana's effects on the developing brain. We should, instead, encourage a more palatable campaign before retreating, fearfully, from talking about kids and marijuana use.
26 min 24 sec ago
08/28/2014 The Paonia Town Council continued its debate concerning a retail sales tax on marijuana, an occupation tax on wholesale growers and manufacturers or both. The amount of the taxes and fees and whether the money collected should go into a specified fund or project was discussed on Aug. 12.
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Aleta Labak 08/29/2014 Now here’s a way to grow a local following with just three simple words: “complimentary cannabis gift.” New Denver clothing company Hemp House has come up with an intriguing promotion, offering free eighths of weed to qualifying customers and spreading the word online.
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Jenni Grubbs 08/29/2014 Pouring rain and hail Wednesday night made hearing what was being said challenging at the special meeting of the Log Lane Village Board of Trustees, but the results of the action items were clear: approval of two recreational retail marijuana licenses.
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Lori Kraus 08/25/2014 The Pueblo County Commissioners heard application, testimony in support and in opposition, and then unanimously passed the licensing of Compliance Initiatives, LLC, d/b/a Strawberry Fields Alternative Health and Wellness. The license was granted on condition that a required Routing Sheet is supplied to the commissioners.
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Matt Stensland 08/28/2014 Steamboat Springs - The second man who police think produced marijuana that then was mailed to Illinois turned himself into authorities Wednesday.
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08/29/2014 The city of Aurora has issued the first 21 licenses to open retail pot shops, choosing from a pool of 58 applicants.