8 hours 47 min ago
Rachel Estabrook 03/25/2015 Friday is the deadline for Colorado's Attorney General to respond to a complaint filed in the U.S. Supreme Court by Oklahoma and Nebraska. It challenges Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana and is one of four lawsuits that aim to dismantle the young industry.
8 hours 48 min ago
Mark Reaman 03/25/2015 A visiting “senior judge” is taking under consideration a proposed plea agreement with Art Trezise, former Gunnison County deputy attorney, that will keep him out of jail while pleading guilty to the class five felony of being an accessory to a crime.
8 hours 50 min ago
Katie Kuntz 03/26/2015 The Denver Fire Department issued 58 permits for warehouses to grow marijuana in non-licensed facilities last year – marijuana not to be sold in dispensaries. This marijuana was to be grown primarily by caregivers for consumption by medical users, or for the grower’s personal use.
9 hours 20 min ago
Michael Roberts 03/25/2015 Yesterday, we noted that anti-pot zealot Christine Tatum was among the authors of "Clearing the Haze," a four-day marijuana-hating jeremiad published by the Colorado Springs Gazette.
9 hours 21 min ago
Kristen Wyatt, AP 03/25/2015 Denver - Not surprisingly, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has reduced pot arrests, but a newly released study says it doesn't solve one of the central goals of drug-policy reformers: ending racial disparities in enforcement.
9 hours 23 min ago
John Ingold 03/25/2015 Colorado officials have won indictments against 32 people accused of being part of a multimillion-dollar scheme to grow marijuana illegally in Colorado and ship it out of state.
9 hours 23 min ago
Kieran Nicholson 03/25/2015 A state Senate bill concerning the appearance of marijuana edibles died Wednesday in committee, where it was voted down unanimously.
9 hours 24 min ago
Dawn Brooks 03/25/2015 JACKSONVILLE, FL - A Colorado man was convicted Wednesday of conspiracy to cultivate and distribute marijuana after he sold pot plants to a Jacksonville resident.
9 hours 25 min ago
Corey Hutchins 03/25/2015 COLORADO SPRINGS - On Sunday, The Gazette, the daily newspaper here in Colorado’s second-largest city, published the first of a four-day series called “Clearing the Haze,” about the state’s marijuana legalization experiment. So far, based on much of the public reaction, it might have been better called “Blowing Smoke.”
9 hours 27 min ago
Brian Maass 03/25/2015 DENVER – The family of a Tulsa man who shot himself Saturday night in Keystone is blaming his suicide on his ingestion of edible marijuana candies.