6 days 12 min ago
Kirk Mitchell 02/19/2015 A federal judge in Denver U.S. District Court on Thursday sentenced a Florida man to 3½ years in prison for selling an unproven formula of synthetic pot without knowing whether it would harm anyone.
6 days 13 min ago
Valerie Richardson 02/19/2015 DENVER - A Colorado hotel franchise and two property owners filed lawsuits Thursday to bring a halt to the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana, citing violations of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
6 days 13 min ago
Paul Shockley 02/19/2015 A wanted Utah parolee had distribution-level quantities of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana, as well as a handgun, a revolver, a rifle, a shotgun, ammunition and $25,000 in cash — all of it inside a pickup truck seized by authorities after the parolee’s arrest in Grand Junction Tuesday night.
6 days 14 min ago
Eliza Gray 02/19/2015 College administrators who have worked for years to snuff out marijuana on campus have a new problem: It’s going legal.
6 days 16 min ago
peter roper 02/20/2015 Pueblo West can impose its own taxes on marijuana businesses if House Bill 1007 can run a gauntlet of critics and anti-tax Republicans in the General Assembly.
6 days 17 min ago
Rick Carroll 02/19/2015 The officer whose takedown arrest of a teenager Feb. 6 sparked community debate accounted for almost one-third of the Aspen Police Department’s use of intermediate weapons from 2011 to 2014, according to police records.
6 days 18 min ago
Ricardo Baca 02/22/2015 Two federal lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court in Colorado on Thursday morning against the state’s politicians, public servants and businesses aim to “end the sale of recreational marijuana in this state,” according to attorney David H. Thompson, who represents the plaintiffs in both cases.
6 days 19 min ago
AP 02/19/2015 DENVER - Colorado is facing first-of-its kind lawsuits from marijuana opponents who are asking a federal judge to order the new recreational industry to close.
6 days 20 min ago
Callihan Marshall 02/18/2015 DE BEQUE - The Town of De Beque approved a location for a second recreational marijuana shop right in town. After several months of discussion, the town board gave the go ahead under certain federal regulations.
6 days 21 min ago
02/19/2015 The Denver Post photojournalism staff shares their work with the public at a bimonthly photo night, and what s ahead is a closer look at one of the facets of medical marijuana in Colorado: young patients.