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Colorado Springs sees spike in heroin use

Michelle San Miguel 03/17/2014 COLORADO SPRINGS - Colorado Springs police say teenagers and young adults are the biggest users contributing to the city's spike in heroin use. "It's affecting our youth like no other drug has," said Lt. Mark Comte.

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Federal authorities bust large synthetic drug ring in Colorado Springs

Tony Spehar 10/23/2013 Months of investigation lead federal agents to raid the Spice of Life store on the 3200-block of South Academy Boulevard on Tuesday, breaking up what agents say could be one of the largest synthetic drug rings in Colorado history.

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DEA Reports Major 'Spice' Bust in Colorado Springs

David Nancarrow 10/24/2013 Drug enforcement agents call a recent bust of an operation to make and sell synthetic marijuana, commonly known as "Spice," a big win.

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Spice cases spiking, DEA investigating illegal sales

Joe Dominguez 9/19/2013 COLORADO SPRINGS - Despite the best intentions of legislators, teens and young adults are still finding synthetic marijuana. There may not be receipts to point to but emergency rooms, the Drug Enforcement Agency and now the Centers for Disease Control can now attest to its presence.

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Colorado a major marijuana exporter, says new report

Olivia Wilmsen 8/1/2013 Colorado Springs - Officers are sounding the alert. Illegal marijuana grown in Colorado is spreading to other states like wildfire. A new report says Colorado is a major exporter.

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Colorado a source state for black market marijuana

Andy Koen 7/29/2013 COLORADO SPRINGS - Colorado is quickly becoming a primary exporter of black market marijuana and federal agents tasked with stemming the flow of such drugs point to a broken regulatory system as a big part the problem.

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